The Life & times 
of Jamaal Glenn
Hi, I'm Jamaal.

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. 

Until high school, I thought I would one day play in the NBA. When that dream died, I turned my ambitions to sharing my opinion about what was going on in the world. 

I had a penchant and talent for writing, both of which I took the world's first and best school of journalism at the University of Missouri.

At Mizzou, I fell in love with politics and the news business right about the time that the latter began its irreversable decline.

Motivated by an nascent interest in financial markets and a fear of a small-market entry level journalist's salary, I headed to Wall Street, where I spent three years structuring derivatives and negotiating mergers for the world's largest media and technology companies.

In 2009, after three years in finance, I left without knowing exactly what I would do next. I spent my days blogging about, and curating, political news. In a few months that turned into two of the fastest growing political news destinations on the web. 

As I bootstrapped the company and grew the sites , I began to see more opportunities in the technology of news than in the content itself. 

In 2011, I went back to graduate school to learn more about these new technologies. 

Since then, people have continued to ask for my advice in thinking about where digital media is going.

I have spent the past several years helping organizations both big and small tell compelling stories, attract readers and users, and distribute their content using new media technologies. 

I love politics, sports, and hip hop music. I live on the internet.